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Added Value Services

Our Added Value Services

Business Plans

Business plans are also regularly needed to support finance applications, especially bank lending.

We can assist with all aspects of the business plan including…

  • Business strategy and goal setting;

  • Budgets;

  • Cash flow forecasts;

  • Profit forecasts;

  • All written elements of the plan such as business background, marketing plan, SWOT analysis, markets, competition and all of the other key elements that need presenting in the most suitable way to lenders.

After you’ve produced the plan, you need to monitor how you are doing against the plan and we can help you with this.

See our helpsheet on writing a business plan.

Raising Finance 

Do you know the most likely source of finance
at the best rates?

Through our close working relationships with finance sources we can assist in advising on the right type of finance for you and offer advice on…

  • Bank loans and overdrafts;

  • Hire purchase;

  • Personal loans;

  • Sales invoice factoring and discounting;

  • Leasing and contract hire;

  • Venture capital;

  • Private investment sources.

Management Systems 

Our consultancy services can include a review of your management information systems, particularly in relation to your financial systems and controls that will enable you to take full control of your business.

This can include…

  • Cash controls;

  • Debtor control;

  • Stock control;

  • Purchasing systems;

  • Cost controls;

  • Budgeting;

  • Financial reporting systems.

Reliable management information allows you to react quickly to changing business needs.

Strategic Planning 

You’ve probably been told many times that planning is crucial to success in business but somehow you’ve never quite got round to it.

Rather than having a planned strategy you run your business by…

  • Trusting your intuition;

  • Using instant decisions;

  • And generally riding the rollercoaster.

That may well work and we do realise that gut feelings are a crucial business skill in successful entrepreneurs. But planning is still crucial. Research shows that those businesses that do plan and have clear strategies are far more successful.

Our strategic planning service helps you…

  • Agree on long-term strategic goals both personally and for the business;

  • Identify where you are now;

  • Work ON the business so that you can spend less time working IN it;

  • Indentify the blocks in the strategy;

  • Agree an operational strategy to overcome the blocks and meet those goals;

  • Grow a great team of people;

  • Monitor your results against those goals;

  • Manage the money in your business;

  • Develop an exit strategy.

The result is an agreed ACTION PLAN

Next Step For You

Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, or would like to arrange a free consultation to discuss your needs further.

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